Why Sharing Stories is So Important at a Funeral Service

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People tell stories to keep memories alive, to help pass on the the values of their lost loved ones, and to share special things they’ve learned from their lives. Sharing stories and memories is important at funeral services because it helps to paint a picture of life with your loved one, grow your connection with family, friends, and guests, and support and guide each other along in this time of grief and healing.

Sharing stories also helps shed a positive, joyful light on the memorial service. Funerals can be made more personal by allowing family and guests to share funny, special, lasting memories. This helps to create a memorable experience for everyone celebrating your dear loved one’s life.

Having those close to the deceased speak at the service provides a peace and joy for the speaker as well as others in the room. It allows them to grieve in a healthy way by sharing their favorite moments and reflecting on memories that stuck with them throughout the years. Spending time listening to stories, laughing, crying, and remembering allows guests and family alike to come together in unity and develop a special bond that connects them through a loved one lost.

blogWhat better way to leave a lasting legacy than to include touching and fun-filled stories in a funeral service? Every person there holds different memories and has a beautiful story to tell, and to have them share their personal stories helps during difficult moments and allows your loved one’s legacy to live on.  

Sometimes, the best way to grieve and begin healing is by talking about a loved one. Other times, it may be listening, silently remembering, and reflecting. Everyone grieves differently and that’s perfectly normal. If you’re one who loves to share and reflect on fun memories throughout life with your loved one, take this time to share with others — it will help them in their grieving process, too. There is power in leaning on one another as you go through your personal healing journey. Sharing stories as a way to say goodbye to your loved one can help.

At Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services, we offer a variety of free resources and tools for you and your family members to personalize and create a unique service. There are countless opportunities for you to tell stories and relive memories that will turn any funeral service into a memorable celebration of your loved one’s life. If you would like assistance in personalizing a service, contact Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services by calling 231-726-5210 or 616-842-6100. As always, it’s our pleasure to guide you in celebrating the life of those so close to your heart.

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