10 Ideas to Personalize a Funeral Service

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When the time comes to plan for a funeral, you want to be sure it’s memorable and reflects a life well lived. We understand how difficult it is to plan when the time comes, which is why it’s a great idea to take some time beforehand to talk about your wishes. Take a look at our preplanning checklist to help make sure you’ve considered every aspect to prepare, including personal touches you might like to add.

To help others best remember you or your loved one, take time to personalize a celebration that will last a lifetime and carry on a memorable legacy.

  1. Craft a Memory Table

A memory table is a wonderful way to lay out special photos, trinkets, and memorabilia to pay a lasting remembrance. Guests will have the opportunity to remember the things you or your loved one enjoyed and reflect on special moments and memories throughout their lives. Memory tables give you the chance to create a unique and personalized experience for friends and family and help them to feel and remember the presence of the one they held so close to their heart.

  1. Cook a Favorite Dish

Grieving and food can go together really well, especially if the food was a favorite of the celebrated loved one. Hamburgers, Chinese, or Mexican, whatever the favored dish, you can personalize it to allow guests to enjoy a meal together while reflecting upon a life they cherished. This is a fun way to personalize a funeral as it allows people to use recipes you or your loved one may have been known for or used frequently. At the end of the service, family and friends can take home a copy of the recipe as a memorial gift.

  1. Make a Music Playlist

Do you or your loved one have a special taste in music? Use this as an opportunity to play favorite songs. Music has a special way of helping to cope with loss and grieve in a healthy way. It provides a comfort and healing that may bring hope to those who need it during a memorial service. Make copies of some favorite songs and give them as gifts for family and friends to enjoy long after the service.

  1. Create a Tribute Video39478500_s

Tribute videos are a special way to look back through life and help you take a minute to reflect on the beauty lost loved ones brought to the lives of family and friends. These videos also give individuals the opportunity to revisit fun memories to lift their spirits in times of grief.

  1. Floral Arrangements

Taking the time to create something beautiful like an arrangement of flowers provides a peace that hel

ps aid in the healing process. Placing flower arrangements throughout the service will bring life to those that need it. You also have the opportunity to choose flowers or plants that were favorites, giving it an additional personal touch.

  1. Favorite Destination

Think about what you or your loved one enjoy. Maybe it’s golfing, picnics in a special park, or trips to the beach. Choose a favorite destination and invite family and friends there for the memorial service. It’s a special way to all come together and feel the presence of their loved one at their favorite spot.

  1. Decorate Casket/Urn

This idea helps you think creatively with family and friends, and choose special objects to remember loved ones lost. Consider things like occupation or cherished hobby. Choose objects or photos that represent favorite things and customize the casket or urn to create a personalization that’s unique to you or your loved one’s life.

  1. Give Out a Gift

After family and friends take time to remember throughout the service, send them home with something special. It will give them the opportunity to grieve at home and on their own, and provide a comfort in remembering the one who was near to their hearts.

  1. Personalized Keepsakes

People sometimes find it hard to donate or pass on belongings of a lost loved one. Suggest turning them into special keepsakes. Pillows, stuffed animals, or blankets are all great ways to take a loved one’s belongings such as shirts, and create them into something memorable.

  1. Share Special Memories

During the service, have family, friends, and guests stand up and speak on special moments and funny memories. It’s a beautiful way to pay tribute and allow others to reflect and join in on sharing stories that help everyone grieve and heal.

A funeral service can be as unique and special as you’d like. Take time to plan out special ways to remember and honor your loved one, or to have others remember and honor you. It will not only help with the grieving process but it allows family and friends to come together in unity and reflection. If you are interested in discussing your plans or would like to know how to get started, contact Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services by calling 231-726-5210 or 616-842-6100.

We are here to answer any questions you have and help in any way we can to personalize your own or a loved one’s funeral service.

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