Financial Facts For Funeral Planning

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Should you prepay for your funeral when you pre-plan it? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t given much thought to the costs associated with a funeral and likely haven’t put aside thousands of dollars specifically for the occasion.On the other hand, neither have your family members!

Without a financial plan in place, loved ones you leave behind will be faced with the rising costs of everything from flowers to facilities, services, caskets, gravestones, and more – not to mention any unpaid medical or utility bills, mortgage payments, and other such expenses that tally up quickly, and add to the bulging final bill.  

With this in mind, and the fact that grieving families often make quick decisions and emotionally overspend and overextend themselves when arranging a funeral, pre-paying makes as much sense as pre-planning, but understandably, not everyone feels they are in a position to do so. Knowing some important financial facts can help you determine how best to navigate this difficult decision.

Government Help

The help many families receive from the federal government’s Social Security Administration is limited to one lump sum of approximately $255. The US Department of Veterans Affairs also offers a one-time payment for those who are eligible. These may not add up to much, but every little bit helps.


It’s important to realize that insurance will most likely not cover everything. Like government funding, life insurance typically provides a one-time payment after death, but this lump sum can be lessened by long-term medical care. Also, insurance policies are unprotected from inflation, meaning policy coverage will remain the same despite rising costs of funerals, thus family members will need to make up the difference.  


Financial prearrangement plans can actually be beneficial when it comes to Medicaid assistance and the spend-down process. Money set aside for your funeral can be treated as an exempt asset allowing you to maintain your eligibility for Medicaid benefits.

You do not have to prepay for a funeral in order to pre-plan it, but if you are interested in doing so, Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services is happy to help you put a financial plan in place. We will work with you to ensure you can comfortably afford it, from prioritizing your wish list to arranging installments. There are many options that can help. Call us today to discuss the possibilities and ask any questions you may have.

You can contact our Muskegon office at 231-726-5210 and our Grand Haven location at 616-842-6100. You can also connect with us online by using our convenient contact form.

Put your financial concerns about your funeral behind you, so you can enjoy life with your family, without worry.

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