4 Mistakes to Avoid When Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

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You want to preplan your funeral, but there’s more to it than you thought — you’re not alone! At Sytsema, we get that a lot. In fact, the majority of people we help are unsure where to even start, which is exactly why we’re here. We take the time to thoroughly go over everything in detail and stay with you through the planning process every step of the way. We want to ensure you feel confident with your decisions and will do whatever it takes so that you’re happy with the plan you put in place. With that in mind, here’s a heads up to avoid the most common mistakes people tend to make when making pre-arrangements:

Error #1: Waiting too long


Even if you agree that pre-planning your funeral is a good idea, it’s something that often sits on the back burner, waiting for a rainy day. People understandably procrastinate when it comes to funeral plans, assuming they have plenty of time. However, making your arrangements when you are young and healthy allows you to give appropriate time and clear thought to the decisions needing to be made. Don’t wait until you’re older, tired and ill. It’s better to plan now when you still have plenty of life to enjoy — which you will enjoy even more, knowing you already have plans in place!

Error #2: Making a will and calling it good

While making a will is extremely important, this document is typically not read until after funeral services take place. Your funeral wishes will not be known, and therefore not carried out. It’s important to give a copy of your will to your named executor, and also document your wishes for your funeral with loved ones and your funeral home advisor.

Error #3: Forgetting your wishes must fit with your budget

The reality is, your budget and wishes have to add up. Even if you are pre-paying for arrangements, it’s a good idea to prioritize your wish list according to what’s most important to you so that if something needs to be eliminated, it’s easy to determine what to cross off the list. A pre-planning advisor will work with you to accommodate as many of your wishes as possible, but budget must be kept in mind, especially if your family will be the ones paying when you are gone.  

Error #4: Not asking enough questions

There are many details when it comes to preplanning a funeral, and while advisors will thoroughly explain your choices and all services provided, it’s important to ask any questions you may have about costs, customizing services, what is included, what happens if you move, if after care for grieving family members is provided,    

and so on. You might also want to ask about the staff’s experience, and better yet, inquire if you can meet them! Sometimes it helps to make a list of your questions before consulting with an advisor to ensure you don’t forget anything. Of course, if you do think of other questions later, you should absolutely be made to feel comfortable reaching out — otherwise, you should choose a different funeral service. (We happen to know a really, really good one!)

Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services has experienced and compassionate pre-planning advisors who are always ready to help! You can schedule an appointment by dialing 231-726-5210 in Muskegon or 616-842-6100 in Grand Haven. You can even start the planning process online, if you’d like. Again, questions are good — we welcome you to ask them by calling today.

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