Your Guide to Preparing for Hospice Care

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We understand the difficulty of navigating through end-of-life care and the stress that’s involved. At Sytsema, our purpose is to provide peace of mind, support, and clear direction when times become stressful. We are honored to walk alongside you, providing any assistance you may need.

If you or a loved one is living with an advanced, life-limiting illness, and you’re interested in knowing how to prepare for hospice care, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to ensure your are comfortable and at peace..

How do I get started with hospice?

You, a family member, or others involved in providing you care can contact hospice to help determine if your needs meet the medical eligibility requirements.

your guide to preparing for hospiceThe first step in starting hospice care is to request the hospice agency to send a representative who will be able to meet with the you and your family/caregiver. Anyone assisting you can go about this request by consulting with your main physician, staff at any assisted living or nursing home facility, or hospital. Taking time to meet with the hospice staff is so important. You want to be sure you feel comfortable and supported. If you’re unsure of the types of questions to ask during your first visit, read these 10 questions to ask when deciding on hospice care for some helpful guidance.



What should I expect when meeting with a hospice representative?

When you meet with a representative from hospice, they will go over various pieces of important information to ensure eligibility and that you feel comfortable and confident entering into hospice. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a feel for what you think about the provider, the staff, and if you feel like it’s a good fit.

The first thing you will be familiarized with are the services provided. This includes going over Medicare, insurance options, and answering any questions you may have. A comprehensive assessment of health will then be performed and if all requirements are met, the visit will end with completing the admission into the program. The admission is fully complete when you or your loved one, or someone legally authorized to make decisions on your behalf, has signed the required documentation.

What happens after admission?

After you’ve been admitted into your desired hospice care, you’ll meet with individual staff within the hospice care team, get to know them, and discuss goals, symptoms, services, and expectations. This is another great opportunity for you to have family or other loved ones with you so they can help with and understand the process and know what steps to take when assistance is needed.

Once you’ve met with their staff, a plan of care is developed to meet your unique needs and wishes. It includes specific things like:

  • How often you or your loved one will get a visit from the doctor, nurse, medical social worker, home health aide, or any volunteers.
  • The types of medications, medical supplies, and equipment needed to ensure comfort, and other services available.

You can find peace knowing your hospice health care team is there to guide you and help you every step of the way. They review your care plan regularly to ensure they’re meeting needs and making any necessary updates to maintain comfort and the best possible quality of life.

When the time comes for you to decide on hospice care, our staff would be honored to guide you through the process and provide any assistance to reduce anxiety or stress. We care for our families and want you to feel confident that hospice is the right end-of-life care for you. If you or a loved one have questions regarding hospice or need assistance on getting started, please contact us at Sytsema Funeral & Cremation Services by visiting our website or calling 231-726-5210 or 616-842-6100.

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