How Pre-planning Funerals Helps to Avoid Family Fights

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26240598_mLosing a loved one affects family members in different ways and these varying emotions, combined with exhaustion and stress, can often lead to family conflicts. This is especially true when you add making difficult decisions to the mix.

When you are grieving, it’s hard to think straight, and multiple family members will typically have differing opinions, so the decisions that need to be made during this time often become a source of disagreements. An already emotional situation can quickly escalate into heated debate. All of this could be avoided, however, if these decisions were already made for you.

Allowing family members time to grieve without having to worry about any details is one of the most compelling reasons for pre-planning funeral services. Having a plan in place lets your wishes be known and eliminates guessing and opinions, which in turn alleviates stress, and most importantly, family strife. Instead of arguing over what each thinks is best, family members can come together, support one another and focus on their grief rather than their grievances.    

From whom you’d like to speak to what music you’d want played to where you wish your final resting place to be, every decision you make beforehand is one less for your family to have to face later. You can even pay for your services ahead of time to eliminate financial burden. No matter what you include in your plan,

Making these arrangements ahead of time not only helps to prevent family conflicts, but also provides both you and your family with peace of mind. At Sytsema, we are experienced in assisting families through grief, and are happy to help with pre-planning funeral arrangements. Learn more about pre-planning and get the help you need to get started by contacting us today.

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