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When someone you love passes, it can sometimes feel as if they are lost forever. Some even fear that over time, people will forget those who have passed. Both are scary thoughts to face, but there are so many ways to memorialize a loved one and honor them. By doing so in a way that impacts the life of someone else, you can keep someone alive in your heart as well as in others.

Give to a charity in their name

If your loved one adored animal shelters, volunteered at a soup kitchen, advocated for child literacy, or cared deeply about any other charitable cause, keep that alive. You can donate to most any charity in memory of someone. Maybe you choose to donate a small amount every year on their birthday, or just whenever you can. No matter what you do, it is a way of keeping their memory alive and making a difference in something they cared about as well.


Organize an event or drive in their honor

Charity events like a fundraising bake sale or drives such as a winter coat or toy drive are a more public option to commemorate a loved one. They typically require some more serious planning but not only can these become annual, they can also serve as another chance to gather with others who lost someone as well and share in your grieving process together. An event or drive also ends in some sort of widespread impact in honor of someone who can no longer be there to impact lives in the same way that they may have used to at one time.


Start a scholarship fund34147288_m (1)

Another great option to keep your loved one’s memory alive is to establish a scholarship or giving fund. This keeps their name alive with a sense of gratitude. Think about using estate funds or gathering funds to form a scholarship based on the deceased’s passions. If he or she loved the theatre, have the fund be for students looking to study the arts. If your loved one played varsity football and always loved the sport, create a scholarship for young athletes. Any type of passion could help a student achieve their dream, and that student would be forever grateful for your loved one and their memory is alive for years to come.


Make a location special

A simple, yet very meaningful way to commemorate a loved one is to donate something like a park bench or seating area to a public park. This is a wonderful way to remember someone who passed. If there is a location that holds a special significance to your family or just the person who passed, donating something to that area with a plaque or engraving on it is more powerful than some may think. Not only will it serve others as a place to make memories, but it is also another place for people to go to fondly remember your loved one. A cemetery can be difficult for some, but going to a park and sitting on a bench that brings back fond memories can be much easier. This doesn’t have to be in a public place either. You can plant a tree or add a bench in your own yard if you prefer.


No matter how you choose to do so, commemorating a loved one is a way to keep their memory alive forever as well as help you find peace. The compassionate and caring staff at Sytsema is always available to help guide you through memorializing someone who passed and has many other resources to aid in the grieving process as well.

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