Accounts to Take Care of When a Loved One Passes Away

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68372703_mAfter the loss of a loved one, emotions and stress can often make it difficult to remember all there is to take care of once you’ve said your goodbyes. One detail that is often overlooked is the closing, canceling or transferring of your loved one’s various accounts. Below is a list of common accounts to check for as well as a guide on how to go about tending to them.

 Get a copy of the death certificate

Most financial institutions or accounts linked to a social security number will require a death certificate to close or transfer accounts. It’s a good idea to scan a digital copy of the certificate as well so you can send it electronically, which can make the process more efficient. This also gives you a copy to rely on if, a year down the road, an overdue bill of your loved one shows up.

Keep track of accounts

Take a moment to write down any accounts you know your loved one had, such as emails, social media, subscriptions, and credit cards. Next, take a look at our list below to see if there are any others you should check into as well. As you go through and make calls or send emails, be sure to take notes or cross off accounts to help keep you organized.

Find any passwords you can

The easiest way to close many accounts is to find their passwords. Many people keep a booklet in their desk drawer or an electronic record on a computer or phone. Having direct access will make closing accounts such as email and internet much easier.

Common accounts that may need to be addressed:


Banks / Credit Unions

Mortgages or rentals

Car or personal loans

Credit Cards

PayPal / Square / Venmo

All insurance accounts


Cell phones

Cable / internet






Subscriptions and accounts

Newspapers & Magazines


Netflix / Hulu / Youtube

Subscription boxes

Online shopping such as Amazon

Online gaming accounts

Online data storage such as Dropbox

Software such as Adobe or Microsoft

Home security systems

Social media – although you can opt to leave these open as memorial pages


Gym / personal trainers / fitness classes

Homeowners associations

Costco / Sam’s Club

Local clubs

Managing all the details that need to be taken care of after a loved one passes away is difficult, especially while grieving. The team at Sytsema understands how difficult this is to cope with and is here to help with plenty of resources and grief support systems.

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